The first of a series of case studies, this week, we look into Mint Lane Cafe, a fantastic project which benefits both our local community and also helps tackle the issue of food waste. Nigel Curry details some more information below:

Name of the Organisation:

Mint Lane Café

Type of case Study:


Please outline the project and how it includes sustainability / low carbon principles?

Mint Lane Café uses ‘surplus’ food to provide nourishing meals at very low prices for anyone who wants to enjoy ‘friendship through food’. It uses supermarket and local retail ‘surplus’ but also donations of fresh from local growers, for example, allotments. It also produces ‘home made’ produce.

What benefits have you seen as a result of measures taken?

Because of low prices, the Café tackles food poverty at the same time as providing friendship and reducing food waste. It is also part of a collaboration helping to supply the City food banks.

How do you think this could be replicated across Lincoln?

Similar cafes could be developed elsewhere in the City using the same delivery infrastructure used by the Café.

Is there any further information you would like to share/include?

Mint Lane Café has an active Facebook site:

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