Let's Go Zero - Call for Lincolnshire Schools to join national climate action campaign

Tue, 05/18/2021 - 12:53

Are the staff, governors and students at your school concerned about climate change?

Would you like to make your school carbon neutral by 2030?

Would you like some support and advice in achieving this?

Then why not join the free ‘Let’s Go Zero’ campaign?

Let's Go Zero Website

The Let’s Go Zero campaign is a UK-wide movement whose aim is to unite schools to work together to become carbon neutral by 2030. The campaign is led by Ashton (a UK based climate solutions charity) in partnership with Global Action Plan and a powerful coalition of sustainability organisations. The campaign supports UK schools in setting zero carbon targets, developing roadmaps for delivery, sharing their learning with staff, students and families, and working together with local councils and government to make it happen.

The campaign aims to show the national government that there is a substantial demand amongst teachers and pupils to become carbon zero with the potential for schools then to influence wider change in their communities.

The campaign is free and any school in the UK can sign up. Schools are asked to provide an email address when signing up and to provide some basic information.

By joining the campaign, a school is publicly declaring that it wants to be zero carbon by 2030 and that it wants the UK government to enable schools to take more action

When you sign up you will be sent a badge to show that your school is involved and you will be updated with ideas and projects to reduce your carbon emissions together with a new online tool to help schools with their ongoing action planning (soon to be made available through the Transform Our World Website which is also a source of teacher-approved programmes and resources for schools).

Further information and support is available through Lincoln Climate Commission member Pete Crowther: