The Lincoln Food Partnership (LFP) was established as a local response to a global crisis. The team runs a variety of engagement events and campaigns on a wide range of food sustainability-related issues. Nigel Curry, Co-Chair of the LFP, explains more below:

Name of the Organisation:

Lincoln Food Partnership

Type of Case Study:


Please outline the project and how it includes sustainability / low carbon principles?

We promote fairer greener healthier food for all through shorter food miles, food citizenship, tackling food poverty, reducing food waste and it ecological footprint and helping to implement community food growing. 

What benefits have you seen as a result of measures taken?

Reductions in food waste, greater community cooperation over food, collaboration over food poverty, development of community agriculture. Influence over national policy.

How do you think this could be replicated across Lincoln?

It is already Lincoln-wide, and we are currently seeking to develop across the county.

Is there any further information you would like to share/include?

Our website  - provides full information and the opportunity to become a partner. We have an active Facebook group.

We're interested in sharing success stories and case studies across Lincolnshire. If you have a project, community or business initiative, or are just doing something to benefit the environment personally, please do get in touch. You can email us at